Welcome to the South End

During the summer of 2014, Washington Gateway Main Street began a data initiative to better understand the South End neighborhood. The survey included a number of components, including an online survey of local businesses, pedestrian and bike counts, transportation analysis, and a census review. The results of this undertaking can be found on this website. Contact Washington Gateway for more information.

The South End




The median income in the South End is $50,000, slightly below the city median of $53,163. Income in the South End is more polarized than the city average, with a higher percentage of residents making below $25,000 and a significant portion of the population making $150,000 or more. The graph below shows the percent of the population in the South End and in Boston making income within the specified ranges.







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Silver Line Ridership

Every day, an average of 4,050 people ride the Silver Line along Washington Street. The SL4 and SL5 run between 140 and 190 trips daily. The graph on the right shows the number of people that either board or disembark at one of the Washington Street stations in the Gateway district on a weekday.

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