Today’s bustling economic environment has brought over 10 million square feet of development to the Boston’s South End neighborhood with another 7 million square feet in the pipeline. The rapid increase in the neighborhood’s density as well as daytime population has quickly demonstrated the need for additional attention to cleaning in the district. After receiving feedback from our local businesses and residents, WGMS led the charge, raised the funds and launched our the first partnership with South End non-profit Project Place to provide additional cleaning services on Washington Street. Project Place crews clean the sidewalks on both sides of Washington St. on Wednesdays and Fridays for 9 hours each day.

9x hours/day

2x days/week

290 lbs of trash collected/week

Project Place's "Clean Corners...Bright Hopes" social enterprise is an economic development initiative created in response to the immense challenges involved with assisting people who are homeless achieve self-sufficiency. In addition to job training, Clean Corners employees have access to support services that help them maintain a professional work schedule. They receive intense training and are a highly visible, positive presence in the neighborhoods they serve. They are paid hourly, and graduate from Clean Corners with skills that transfer directly to a variety of industries, including custodial services, facilities maintenance, waste management, and landscaping.

In 2016, WGMS and its all volunteer board and full-time staff member, raised over $45,000 to support this program as a pilot. WGMS is providing services above and beyond the City’s services to ensure the South End sidewalks and streets remain clean and safe. We believe that a clean main street is a safe main street. And a safe main street is a happier main street. Over $45,000 was raised to fund the 2017 Clean Streets Initiative - WE NEED YOUR HELP TO CONTINUE THIS VITAL PROGRAM!

Read about this partnership in a recent edition of The Boston Guardian, featured on pages 7 and 8.


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