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Spending 15 years in management roles for a leading financial institution enabled Eve to move around the world, with residences in London, Germany, India, South Korea and Hong Kong. As a result, Eve is a seasoned expat who has experienced all the challenges, as well as the pleasures, that typically go hand-in-hand with the relocation experience. 

This led Eve to identifying a need for a relocation management service that expertly navigates those relocation challenges, and more importantly, puts the needs of the client at the center of their approach - understanding that any relocation, be it domestic or international, is a major life event.

Eve founded Bond & Des Voeux to offer clients a relocation service that’s dedicated to helping clients and their families fully settle in to their new city by going beyond the logistics of unpacking boxes but also offering an ongoing lifestyle concierge service to help clients with their personal needs. Eve has firmly focused her sights on setting Bond & Des Voeux apart from the competition by offering her clients much more than the traditional relocation service.