The Peters Park Graffiti Art Wall Project surfaces at a critical time when safe, creative spaces and programs for urban youth are fast-disappearing and being defunded. Through a crowdfunding campaign, local graffiti artists , Marka27 and Problak, along with South End community organizations reached a $12,000 fundraising goal for materials, supplies, artist fees, and stipends for youth who repainted the Peters Park Graffiti Art Wall with a new mural by artist Genaro Ortega, selected through a Request for Proposal and announced by Mayor Walsh’s office.

Ortega, a Boston-based visual artist, painting mentor at South Boston’s Artists for Humanity, and Mural Curator for Madison Park High School, continues the 30 year tradition of graffiti artists telling their stories on the Peters Park Graffiti Art Wall, with a new mural that pays homage to current equality movements.

“[This] is how we were talking to each other, how we communicated. That’s the most important thing. We weren’t holding rallies or having conferences… this wall was our stage and it gave everybody the ability to see what was going on in the minds of young people who lived in the area and how we were reflecting what we wanted to say” -- Rob “Problak” Gibbs, Co-founder Artists for Humanity

The Peters Park Graffiti Art Wall is the only wall in Boston that has served to be a voice for the voiceless-- an outlet for social commentary in the form of imagery that unify, inspire, and uplift the community.

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